Are you seeking to acquire an eyelash extension certificate? Look no further! 

Eye Lash Extensions Certificate

Duration – 1 day

  1. Basic Biology
  2. History of eye lashes
  3. Techniques to apply lashes
  4. Tools and products used to apply lashes
  5. Protocols for applying lashes
  6. Styles of lashes and step by step lash application
  7. Step by step eye lash removal
  8. Safety protocols including sterilization and sanitation practices.
  9. Factors that may affect the lash applications such as diseases and disorders and allergies of the eyes. Basic remedies.
  10. Product knowledge
  11. Client preparation and consultation for lashes
  12. Post care after eye lash application and maintenance of lashes
  13. Personal Ethics and Hygiene
  14. Business Marketing and Pricing for services

Become certified in eyelash extensions at Elysium Beauty. Our beauty clinic is located between Thornhill and Toronto (a part of the City of Vaughan) and is in close proximity to downtown. Contact us today for more information, and fill out the registration form below. 


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Graduates will receive a certificate from the Elysium Beauty Academy upon completion.