Are you looking to become a skin care specialist in Toronto? Elysium Beauty is here for you. 

A Skin Care Specialist course has been developed specially for you.

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The course has been developed accordingly to beauty salons’ requests and includes 14 topics. 


  1. Introduction to skin care and dermatology. Anatomy and physiology of the facial skin. Types of skin. Types of aging.
  2. Classification of cosmetic preparations: basic ingredients of cosmetics; Cleansers (emulsions, soaps, make-up removal.). The concept of basic care. Skin Types and Conditions, Skin Analysis, Equipment used for skin analysis
  3. Aseptic and antiseptic in the work of a cosmetologist. Types of masks and their application method.
  4. Seborrhea. Acne. Couperose. Acne rosacea. Facial cleansing by cool hydrogenation method. Ultrasonic facial cleansing.
  5. Head and neck anatomy. Muscles of the head and neck. Hygienic facial massage: physiological effects of the massage, indications, and contraindications; Basic massage techniques, massaging technique, potential mistakes.
  6. Facial therapeutic massage (according to Jacquet): indications and contraindications, basic massage techniques, massaging technique, potential mistakes and a practical part.
  7. Plastic facial massage: indications and contraindications, basic massage techniques, massaging technique, potential mistakes and a practical part.
  8. Benefits of Massage and Manipulations Step by Step Décolleté and Facial Massage, Facial lymphatic drainage massage. Anatomy of the lymphatic system; Indications and contraindications; basic massage techniques, massaging technique, and a practical part.
  9. Sensitive and dry skin treatment. Eyes, Neck and lips contour treatment.
  10. The hair structure, scalp treatment. Epilation, depilation.
  11. Skin treatment for men.
  12. Skin pigmentation. Sunscreens. Peelings in cosmetology.
  13. Facial fading skin treatment. Basic European Facial, Mask Therapy. Methods of aging treatment and prevention.
  14. What is Microdermabrasion? Ultrasonic therapy, darsonval in the practice of a cosmetologist.

Training is conducted in small groups (no more than 4 people). Most of the time is spent on hands on training (more than half of the training time).

 We guarantee that you will like learning in our Academy!

Become a skin care specialist today! Our beauty clinic is located between Thornhill and Toronto (a part of the City of Vaughan) and is in close proximity to downtown. Contact us today for more information, and fill out the registration form below. 

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Graduates will receive a certificate from the Elysium Beauty Academy upon completion.