Multi Shape Body Contouring Technology Combined with Weight Loss Massage

If you are active, committed to achieving weight loss, and you maintain a high protein, calorie restricted, diet and you still can’t get rid of those stubborn pockets of cellulite, our body contouring, sculpting and reshaping program is right for you.

We deploy a combination of fat and cellulite reducing technologies, techniques, products and procedures such as:

  • Multi Shape Body Contouring Treatment (administered by a Certified Registered Massage Therapist and Osteopath). This technology 1400 nm-1mm of near, medium and far infrared laser that stimulates collagen growth to tighten skin and melts the subcutaneous fat at the hypodermal layer of skin and is released through lymphatic drainage, 2.subdermal pneumatic vacuum massage (that breaks down the fibrous bands that form cellulite compartments, decreases the pitting effect of cellulite and stimulate lymphatic drainage) 3.Tripolar Radio Frequency (to melt the contents of deep tissue adipose fat and is released through the lymphatic system.
  • Carboxy Therapy (administered by a certified registered medical practitioner) inserts carbon dioxide gas (using a very fine needle) into the hypodermal layer of the skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, obliterates localized cellulite deposits, tightens up loose skin and eliminates spider veins. This procedure enhances the results of the Multi Body Shape Contouring Treatment.
  • Intensive weight loss massage (administered by a Certified, Registered Massage Therapist) to stimulate lymphatic drainage.
  • Lipodissolve injections (administered by a registered medical practitioner to eliminate localized deposits of fat, by dissolving the actual fat cells and dispelling them through the lymphatic system).
  • Micro needling: To reduce the appearance of stretch marks (that often arises from weight gain and loss), our certified Medical Aesthetic Laser Technicians, use a needling devise to pierce small holes in the skin- which is called micro-injuries. These shallow piercings are created to traumatize the skin so it attempts to heal itself quickly as a result of generating an excessive amount of collagen. The healing process corrects the blemishes by transforming the surface into a smoother and less visibly scarred area. To enhance the results, we augment the needling with Venus Freeze Radio-Frequency technology to further stimulate the fibroblast into producing more natural collagen (that smooths out and hydrates the treated area), produces more elastin (to tighten and strengthen the skins elasticity) and more hyaluronic acid (to plump up the skin). Plus, we also use a nutrient rich serum that is infused into the mid dermal layer of skin (during the needling process) through the piercings to enhance results and speed up the healing process.  To achieve more dramatic results, this procedure can also be combined with Venus Viva Fractional Skin Resurfacing Textural irregularities like acne scaring or stretch marks can be sanded down and smoothed away layer by layer, via an ablative, short-pulsed, collimated, concentrated laser beam.