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Medical massage is made more intensively than classical or relaxing massage and the actions of massage therapist is aimed to relieve blockings and tensions, special attention is paid to problem areas with abnormality and pathologies. The patient experiences rather intense feeling during massage.

Basically, any professional massage is likely to be called therapeutic – it mobilizes the body’s defenses, increases immunity, has a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, respiratory systems, blood circulation, relieves stagnation, improves mobility of joints, effective in radiculitis, osteochondritis.




Medical therapeutic massage is an impact not only on the skin and soft tissues, but also on the joints, bones, internal organs. As a result, microcirculation of blood, nutrition and tonus of tissues are restored, and joints are improved.


Abrupt movements, force load are excluded in joint medical massage. This type of manipulation is always strictly measured and applied on a limited area of the body depending on the disease. It is important that it is a professional massage, which is made by an experienced specialist and only then the procedure will be effective and safe.


Indications: neurosis, neuralgia, recovery from trauma, spine disease (scoliosis, osteochondrosis) and other problems of the musculoskeletal system, recovery after strokes. Massage releases edema and pain, restores the function of muscles and joints.


Lymphatic massage and anti-cellulite massage are sub-types of manual medical massage. They improve metabolism, affect the energy system, strengthen immunity, improve lymph flow, burn subcutaneous fat, and lose excess fluid. These types of massage are often used in body weight correction.




The therapeutic massage of the neck (massage of the collar area) improves the flow of oxygen into the neck, improves skin nutrition, activates blood flow, and lymph drainage. There are vascular and nerve tract in the neck area and the reflex action over it normalizes the vascular tone, relieves the pain, and improves the mobility of the joints, back and neck. Massage of the collar area includes kneading, stroking and rubbing.

Indication: hypertension, scoliosis, torticollis of children, headache, neuroticism, cervical osteochondrosis.


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Segmental medical massage involves manipulation ofthe segments where changes taken place (muscle, skin, bone). Reflex alteration is corrected by special massage techniques. The affected area are detected by palpationmethod, and if the painful zones, nervousness of a particular segment are detected these niduses are eliminated.

The segmental massage includespoint massage which is a type of acupuncture.


Each type of the medical massage has its advantages; the doctor in each individual case will be able to advise one or another type of mechanical action, depending on the treatment target.


Body general medical massage is a special type of the massage, when a full body is massaged, but not just its individual parts. This kind of procedures helps to relax and get rid of many diseases, and it helpstomanipulate all body systems – muscular, digestive, lymphatic, neuroendocrinous the blood circulatory system. General therapeutic massage affects all areas of the body, helps to get rid of insomnia, tiredness, stress, improves skin condition, improves the processes of metabolism and digestion, reduces the patient’s weight, and settle the nervous system.


The classical therapeutic massage is the most popular one; all other massage techniques are builton its basis. Stroking, kneading, rubbing present in different massage types;however in the classical massage they are used longer, more frequently repeated, and have a certain repetition order.


First, the collar area is massaged, and then hands massages forward lymph sinuses. Stimulating movements strengthening the body distress and increase the overall tone. After classical medical massage session, a person is full of energy, painful feelings disappear, sleeping and appetite are improved. Massage is good not only for improving general physical and mental state, but also for raising your spirits.

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