Are you looking to achieve vibrant, flawless skin with Micro needling? Toronto beauty clinic, Elysium Beauty, is here to help! 

Micro needling – Acne Scars, Stretchmarks, Skin Tightening & Pore Reduction

  • Micro needling: To reduce the appearance of stretch marks (that often arise from weight gain and loss), pitted and pigmented acne scarring, enlarged pores and laxed skin (along with other signs of early aging), our certified Medical Aesthetic Laser Technicians, use a needling device to pierce small holes in the skin, known as micro-injuries. These piercing are intended to traumatize the skin into inducing excessive amounts of collagen- which is what smooths out transforms the skin surface into a smoother and less visibly scarred area with every treatment.


To enhance the results of micro needling, we augment this procedure with Venus Freeze Radio-Frequency technology, to further stimulate the fibroblast into producing more natural collagen (which also helps to smooth out and hydrates the treated area), produce more elastin (to tauten and strengthen the skin’s elasticity) as well as generate more hyaluronic acid (to plump up the area). Plus, we infuse a nutrient rich serum (during the needling process), that not only enhances results but speeds up the healing process.  For more dramatic results, we can combine this treatment with the Venus Viva Fractional Skin Resurfacing technology to smooth out the irregularities of acne scaring or stretch marks are sanded down and smoothed out, layer by layer via an ablative, short-pulsed, collimated, concentrated laser beam.

Gain back your confidence with micro-needling. Our beauty clinic sits on the border of Thornhill and Toronto (part of the City of Vaughan) and is easily accessible from downtown. Contact us at any time for a free consultation on micro-needling.