Are you looking for permanent makeup tattoo in the Toronto area? Elysium Beauty is here to help. 

Permanent Make Up-Tattoo Artistry

Permanent Make Up is designed for people who are tired of pencilling in their eyebrows, lip lines and eye liner. It’s for people who are too busy or no longer wish to engage in the tedious and time-consuming task of getting your eye shadow or lipstick just right every single morning. If that’s the case, it’s within your grasp to wake up each day, with a photo-ready face that says you’re ready for your close up.

Our certified, tattoo artists specialize in the fine artistry of permanent tattooed makeovers. Whether you want a more subtle or natural looking image or you prefer a look that is more bold and dramatic, our Permanent Make Up Tattoo Artists can work with you to customize a something that is truly your own.

We also offer tattoo artistry services to disguise scars or white spots on the body caused by vitiligo or to pigment the areola post-surgery or for other reasons.

Our Certified Korean instructors use specialized Korean techniques that create a more natural effect that is not yet used anywhere else in North America.

Wake up flawless with permanent makeup applied by our certified tattoo artists. Our beauty clinic is situated on the border of Thornhill and Toronto (part of the City of Vaughan) and is comfortable to reach from downtown. Contact us for a free consultation on permanent makeup tattoos!