Elysium Beauty Team

Our team – are qualified medical practitioners with whom we have been together for many years. All clinic’s specialists are professionals in their field, passionate about their profession, so in addition to daily hard practical work, they constantly learn, adapt experience of the world’s other professionals in this field, visiting international conferences on their specialty. You can count on the responsiveness, sensitivity, privacy and delicacy of the entire clinic staff.

Victoria Chernyak

Victoria Chernyak – founder and the owner of Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy. Victoria is highly experienced medical aesthetician with over 15 years of experience in cosmetic field. She is distinguished cosmetologist who prides herself on keeping up to date with medical and cosmetic advancements, attending many seminars and workshops that allows her to bring the most current information to her clients. Victoria also has a vast knowledge and experience in cosmetic dermatology and can individualize treatment plans with various cosmetic procedures. Elysium Beauty Clinic was born as an idea of a spa clinic and then was developed into Academy with purpose of helping others to pursue their career in cosmetic field. Victoria enjoys what she is doing and happy to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She values and respects not only all her customers, but also all her employees who have become an inseparable, devoted part of the Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy.

Currently Victoria holds Medical Aesthetics Diploma 2010, Registered Acupuncturist Diploma 2008, Dermal Fillers and Botox Certificate, Laser Technician Certificate, Certified in Laser Hair Removal using different kinds of modalities, Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Certified Injector of Botox, Derma Fillers and 3D thread lifting.

Mounavvara Koudbidinova

Mounavvara Koudbidinova – is a certified health practitioner and medical aesthetician with over 15 years of experience in cosmetic field. She has a good background in dermatology discipline which allows her accurately access and analyze every customer needs before the procedures. Mounavvara has been a valuable member of our team since opening of the clinic. She says she enjoys working here because it feels like her second home with very positive and relaxed environment where everyone treats each other with warmth and respect. Mounavvara also believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to be and feel beautiful and she enjoys delivering the best service to her clients. She recommends her customers only what they need and follows the principle of customer satisfaction as a first priority. Mounavvara holds the following diplomas and certificates: Medical Esthetic Specialist Certificate (2010), Acupuncture Practitioner Certificate, Laser Technician Certificate, Bellafil Botox and Fillers Injection Certificate, Certified Mesotherapy Specialist, Certified Injector of Botox, Derma Fillers and 3D thread lifting. Mounavvara is also attending different seminars and takes additional courses on the regular basis to keep her up-to-date in cosmetology industry.

Aleksei Chernyak

Aleksei Chernyak – is a co-owner of Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy and an excellent Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Osteopath with over 10 years of working experience. Aleksei has an intense knowledge in Body Shaping and Contouring. By combining his skills in Massage Therapy and Osteopathy, he is able to provide superior treatment and exceed clients’ expectations. He is also dedicated to provide the best results for fat and cellulite reduction treatments for customers of all ages and complexions.

Aleksei enjoys working at Elysium Beauty because he likes the concept of the clinic and shares its vision of helping people. He is focused on resolving the main cause of the problem to overcome patients’ pain or beauty concerns. It makes him happy to see a satisfied customer after the treatment has been provided. Aleksei currently holds the following diplomas and certificates: Massage Therapist Diploma, Registered Osteopath Diploma and Body Shaping and Contouring Certificate.

Anna Piatrovich

Anna Piatrovich – is an Operational Executive of Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy. She has an excellent experience in management of health and spa clinics in Toronto which helps her to oversee any potential risks or issues and to ensure operation functions to promote growth and meet financial objectives. Anna puts dedication into her work and believes that customer satisfaction is one of the greatest assets that any business can offer to a potential client. Anna has a degree in International Relations and French from Glendon, York University and Political Science from Paris, France. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Russian which gives her an opportunity in communicating with clients of different backgrounds. Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy is like a second home for Anna and she enjoys its friendly and happy atmosphere.

Olga Fridman

Olga Fridman – is our Cosmetic Supervisor with a nursing degree. Olga has been a registered nurse for many years now which allows her to properly educate, maintain, supervise and assist other medical practitioners. Olga loves working in a beauty industry and is very dedicated, attentive to details and supportive member of our beautiful team. She puts lots of time and effort into her work, shows incredible results and has great clientele retention. Olga will be the first face you see when you come in to the clinic. She will prepare you for your procedure and answer any questions you may have. Olga enjoys working at Elysium and is very happy she can combine beauty aspect of her job together with nursing.

Iliya Iatsun

Ilia Iatsun – is an Administrative Assistant at Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy. She is hard working, committed, detail oriented and organized. She is providing support to her colleagues, assisting in daily clinic duties and managing general administrative activities. She also takes care of any customer needs or concerns and will make sure that you always have pleasant experience when coming to our clinic. She likes working with Elysium Beauty Team because everyone here is being treated equally and with love and dedication to each other.

Irena Lefterova

Irina Lefterova – is our Accounts Manager who supervises, tracks and evaluates day-to-day activities. Irina has over 20 years of experience in accounting and business management. She takes pride for her role and has great attention to detail. She manages and oversees the daily operations of the clinic and makes sure that all financing aspects are running well under her supervision. Irina ensures the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to the clinic needs and objectives. She enjoys working with Elysium Team because clinic poses great values and provides the best service to its clients.


Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed (Medical Director)

Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed – is our Medical Director, MD, FRCPC and specialist in Anesthesiology and Interventional Chronic Pain Medicine. Dr. Ahmed is passionate about educating individuals in taking control of their own health and well-being. She enjoys working at Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy and together help our clients to develop self-awareness and most importantly create positive ideas and strategies about their health and lifestyle choices. Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed received her M.D. from the University of Saskatchewan in 2006 and completed her residency training in 2011 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC before eventually joining St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto as a Staff Associate Anesthesiologist in 2012. After completing a Fellowship in Medical Education from the University of Toronto, Dr. Ahmed continued to teach junior Anesthesia doctors at St. Michael’s through the high-fidelity simulation lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute in Toronto until 2014. Dr.Ahmed firmly believes in Personalized, Holistic and Compassionate health care solutions that bring real time results.