Do you want perfect contours of the face and neck? Then Mesosculpt is your option!

Unfortunately, with time the shape and volume of the face change. This is happening due to influence of gravity and because of the effect of external factors on the internal processes of the body. To restore young contours and oval face without having a surgery, or damaging blood vessels, nerves and muscles, scientists from the American ABG laboratory invented a revolutionary new unique drug called Mesosclulpt.

Mesoscupt is a lipomodifier, a new generation medical injectable drug ​​that can competently control and affect the fat tissue at the genetic level located in the connective adipose tissue. Due to the modification, regulation and control of all the basic processes of vital activity of adipose tissue, the appearance of new fat cells is blocked while the processes of effective reduction of adipose tissue are activated and decrease in sizes without destruction. In other words, Mesosculpt controls the formation and activates the processes of resorption of adipose tissue which helps to restore the contours of the face and neck.

Mesoculpt is a unique technology which resolves face’s fat deposits, while at the same time face lifting and firming the skin and improving the microcirculation processes, including lymphatic drainage.

The Benefits of Mesosculpt

  • The only treatment on the market that effectively and safely regulates all the processes happening in adipose tissue, effectively leading to a long reduction in its volume
  • The unique composition of Lipoblock XP2 which does not destroy the fat cell, in contrast with the known lipolitics
  • The result in improvement of contours and oval of the face is noticeable right after the first application
  • There is no downtime
  • Does not require frequent or permanent injections
  • A patented treatment that has undergone numerous clinical studies
  • There are no analogues in the market
  • Not addictive


How It Works

Mesosculpt treatment redefines facial contours through localized lipolysis injections on cheeks, along jawline and throughout the naso-labial region. The performance of Mesosculpt treatment can be compared to a natural decrease in a volume of fat tissue while doing regular physical activities. The treatment is absolutely safe for the health and life of the cells.

Lipoblock XP2 – is the main active substance of Mesosculpt and a unique patented complex consisting of specially selected cosmetic ingredients in balanced proportions. When Lipoblock XP2 gets into fatty tissue it reduces the size of each fat cell without destroying it, which is safe and has a prolonged effect. In addition, Lipoblock XP2 prevents the formation of new fat cells and their increase in volume.

Hexapeptide 17 is another active component of Mesosculpt that provides removal of excess fluid from adipose tissue and additionally reduces its volume and size.


Mesosculpt was developed and created by Dr. Elina Tester, President and CEO of ABG LAB and Michael Kane, M.D., plastic surgeon and doctor of aesthetic medicine. The development of Mesosculpt became possible thankfully to the accumulated knowledge of the molecular genetic mechanisms of fat cell activity and intercellular interactions.

With Mesosculpt our patients see visible results after the first procedure. The desired and full effect will be achieved after the course of procedures prescribed by one of Elysium Beauty’s cosmetologists.

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