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The process of skin aging varies from person to person. It depends largely on genetics and such factors as skin type, gender, regular skin care routine. Lifestyle should also not be overlooked - extra exposure to sun and nature elements, diet and such habits as smoking.

Also what seems to be unfair is that people with more active facial expression , and yes, smiling and laughing more will develop wrinkles earlier in their age. The habitual expression wrinkles might also develop if you are not wearing sunglasses and tend to squint too often, or simply raise your eyebrows or wrinkle your nose.

Initial wrinkles start appearing by the age 20-25 and will eventually deepen and become more distinctive by 30-45. Making wrinkles less visible or simply go away in the course of one easy and safe procedure have been the focus of modern cosmetology for the long time.

Botox (derived from bacterial toxin botulinum) injections have been efficiently used and is known to regularly produce stable and long lasting results. It is also used extensively as part of medical treatment, when relaxing the muscles is needed.

Do you want to look your best ? Would like to find out if botox is right for you?

Our certified medical professionals will be happy to answer all your questions. We will go over specific details of the procedure and the aesthetics and you will know exactly what to expect.

We are dedicated to helping our clients look their best, knowing very well that the better they feel about themselves, the happier they are. We do become your true trusted support on the way to more beautiful and confident self. Over the course of time we have helped a lot of clients and have seen them truly blossom.

Whether you are interested to find out how this safe and efficient procedure can help you look your best, or if you are familiar with the procedure and would like to continue with the routine botox procedure contact us to set up an appointment.

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